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White Dove Water Co. & Laundromat is a water supply service company, as well as a full service laundromat located in Dauphin, Manitoba.

White Dove water is a water treatment and filtration company dedicated to providing the cleanest water possible. We carry softeners, carbon filters, iron filters, reverse osmosis systems and more! We also do water deliveries to businesses and residential customers.

Our full service laundromat takes care of washing, drying and folding. We can also pick up and deliver your laundry back to you once it’s finished!

The Maytag Commercial Energy Advantage Rigid-Mount Front-Load Washer

See out Laundromat Page for more details!

New Product!

Now selling Wine Kits & Accessories
We have all assorted Flavors , Wine Kits to get started and Corks, Bottle Corkers, etc…

Please contact us or stop by our store for more details!

Facebook Twitter 204-629-2837 info@whitedovewater.com